Providing Quality, In-Home, Durable Medical Equipment & First-Class Service Since 2003

The A.E.H.S. Full-Service, In-Home/Portable, Durable Medical Equipment programs will show you how to:

*Increase patient satisfaction.

*Assist in managing chronic pain patients.

*Enhance: Control of your patients / Patient compliance.

A.E.H.S. Durable Medical Equipment programs are designed to enhance the treatment plan by assisting with pain &/or the rehabilitation process while patients are in their homes. 

A.E.H.S. Products & Services:

*Portable Electro-Therapy Devices:    

   (T.E.N.S., Muscle Stimulation, Microcurrent, Interferrential, & Galvanic Stimulation)

*Bone Growth Stimulation (Long Bone & Spine)

*Injectable, Amniotic Membrane for soft tissue healing  (Covered by most Workman's Compensation / Auto Insurances)

*Cervical & Lumbar Traction

All A.E.H.S. Electro-Therapy Products & Services Are: