A.E.H.S. Programs & Services

Our In-Home Service Programs:

Advanced Electro Healthcare Services (A.E.H.S.) has been partnering will all types of healthcare professionals across the United States to assist in the delivery of quality, in-home durable medical equipment & supplies. A.E.H.S. offers an exclusive, full-service program that allows you, the medical professional, to provide patients with pain-relieving & rehabilitative advantages of in-home durable medical equipment while eliminating the costs of inventory for these devices. Our device consignment services are a tremendous compliment to your current treatment plan. All A.E.H.S. in-home treatment programs are safe, non-invasive, & non-medicinal first line methods of in-home therapy.

As Easy As Writing A Prescription:

 In-home therapy provided by devices such as TENS, Muscle Stimulation, Interferential Stimulation, Galvanic Stimulation, Microcurrent Stimulation,  Bone Growth Stimulation, Cervical/Lumbar Traction can help relieve pain & improve diagnosed conditions within each patient’s home. In addition, these therapeutic devices are naturally devoid of the risks of surgery & the side effects of medication making it a healthy alternative.

We Handle All The Details:

To get started, simply contact A.E.H.S. ("Prescribe Now!" Electronic Submission Page) & the requested DME will be sent to your medical facility at  zero cost for any approved patient. Should you have patients with an immediate need & have no units available, by providing the required patient information, A.E.H.S. will send the unit(s) over night directly to your medical facility & file the necessary insurance forms.

Durable Medical Equipment Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (E.S.T.) to answer any questions regarding the products  & services A.E.H.S. has to offer.

Telephone: (732) 679-2083