Who Qualifies For Our Programs? Everyone

A.E.H.S. Accepts Assignment:

By accepting assignment, this means A.E.H.S. will accept valid health insurance coverage for patients to receive any of the available in-home services from A.E.H.S.  A.E.H.S. will contact & work with each patient's health insurance coverage in order for the cost of our in-home services to be reimbursed through insurance.  Most insurances are accepted except for Medicare, Medicaid, & most HMO/EPO policies.


EVERYONE Qualifies:

A.E.H.S. does offer a cash plan for those patients who may not have valid or the minimal required insurance coverage for our in-home services.  


To find out if you or your patient could obtain in-home services from A.E.H.S., please visit the "Prescribe Now!" page.

Or call: (732) 679-2083